Heavy User Wheelchair Hire

Our Heavy User Wheelchair has a sturdy design making it ideal for users weighing up to 26 stone (170kg). With a wider seat, measuring 22 inches (56cm) and both the sling and backrest being padded, the Heavy User wheelchair is a bariatric wheelchair designed for maximum comfort.

Product Specification

Weight15.5kg / 2st 6lb
Crash TestedYes
Folded Width39cm / 15.35in
Wheelchair TypeAdult Wheelchair, Bariatric Wheelchair
Folded Height80cm / 31.50in
Folded Length82cm / 32.28in
Max Seat Depth46cm / 18.11in
Max Seat Width56cm / 22.05in
Min Seat Depth46cm / 18.11in
Min Seat Width56cm / 22.05in
Max Seat Height47.5cm / 18.70in
Min Seat Height47.5cm / 18.70in
Weight Capacity170kg / 26st 11lb
Max Overall Width75cm / 29.53in
Min Overall Width75cm / 29.53in
Max Overall Length82cm / 32.28in
Min Overall Length82cm / 32.28in
Max Backrest Height46cm / 18.11in
Min Backrest Height46cm / 18.11in