Ki Mobility Ethos

The road is rough - but the ride doesn't have to be. The Ethos unleashes a new era in wheelchair design, with patent pending Iso Tech vibration dampening polymers significantly reducing whole body vibration, which can be a cause of pain and fatigue. No other chair gives you a ride like the Ethos - optimum performance, and protected from vibration.

Product Description

Iso Tech

The Ethos has a completely unique frame design. For the first time ever, the seat frame is completely isolated from the base frame. Both rear wheels and castors are attached to the base frame; the seat and footrests are attached to the upper seat frame. Between the two frames are interposed four polymers - these act in unison to significantly reduce transmission of vibration to the seat frame - and thus yourself. These polymers can be individually selected to cater to your weight and preferred ride experience, ensuring your Ethos provides you the ride you want.

You might expect the dual frames to make the Ethos significantly heavier than a traditional mono-tube rigid chair - but this is not the case. With a transport weight from just 5.26 kg, it weighs barely more than the Rogue 2. What's more, the base frame has been engineered with incredible rigidity for optimum performance.


As you would expect from a Ki Mobility chair, the Ethos' seat is built around you - with a perfect fit, and a vast selection of customisations to choose from. This includes footrests, sideguards, backrests, cushions and more. The Ethos really is one of the most comfortable active chairs on the market.

Axiom cushions and backrests can be fitted for your comfort, support and pressure requirements. Third party add-ons can also be catered for, should you have an existing preferred back or cushion.


The Ethos was designed to make optimisation easy - it is the only rigid frame that lets you independently adjust your wheelbase for increased stability and performance. Centre of gravity, front and rear seat heights, and even seat depth can be adjusted to cater to changing requirements or confidence.

All the Ki options familiar from their other chairs are available on the Ethos - including carbon sideguards, the popular Maxx Performance Spoke wheel, Spinergys, Natural Fit handrims and more.


Two frames opens up a whole world of possibilities for painting the Ethos in the colours you want. There are a choice of 11 gloss, 9 matte, and 15 hydrographics to choose from, and the upper and lower frames can be coloured differently. You can then pick 1 of 8 colour anodizing packages plus select from a further 8 highlights! To top it all off, if you have an Axiom back, this can be painted to match one of the frame colours, and if you have Spinergys you can pick a spoke colour. In short, the Ethos is a stunning looking chair that you can personalise to your unique style.

Our Verdict

Awareness of the long-term damage done by vibrations is growing, which is why products that address this have become more prevalent recently. The best known way of reducing vibrations is through a titanium frame wheelchair, like TiLite's ZRA or TRA - however, this only helps up to a level, and does limit your choice of wheelchair. Frogs Legs castor fork suspension has the drawback of making your chair front-heavy. Rear wheel innovations like Loopwheels are popular, but don't address vibrations from the front castors and their standard wheels don't have the same level of lateral stability.

It's rare that a truly unique and innovative new product comes along, but the Ethos is definitely one. It really does provide outstanding vibration dampening, without compromises on your wheelchair's performance. The Ethos has to be tried out to feel the difference - and we would thoroughly recommend giving it a go.

Key Features

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    Iso-Tech vibration dampening
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    Totally unique product
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    Performance frame
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    Massive choice of colour customisations
Ethos Review

Our Service

We passionately believe we provide a level of service above and beyond other retailers that gives you real value for money. Our in-house experts can provide you with impartial advice on the right wheelchair for you, and none of our staff are on commission.

All aftercare is carried out by our experienced specialists, with a fleet of mobile engineers, and a fully stocked workshop at our HQ - we don't get a third-party company to carry out our work. In the unlikely event your wheelchair needs to come back to us for repair, we will provide you with a loan active wheelchair from our fleet to keep you mobile.

Try This Wheelchair

Our Chessington Showroom is stocked with a wide range of wheelchairs for you to try out and compare, and our product specialists are on hand to answer all your questions, and carry out a full assessment. Visiting our Showroom allows you to see the widest possible range of products before making your decision on which wheelchair to buy.

We are also able to carry out home assessments and demonstrations - please call us to book one in. A home consultation comes with the benefit of trying out a wheelchair around the environment in which you will be using it.

Product Specification

Crash TestedYes
Frame MaterialAluminium
Max Seat Depth51cm / 20.08in
Max Seat Width51cm / 20.08in
Min Seat Depth36cm / 14.17in
Min Seat Width30cm / 11.81in
Weight Capacity124.7kg / 19st 9lb
Transport Weight5.26kg / 0st 12lb
Active Wheelchair TypeRigid Wheelchair


£3,300 exc VAT / £3,960 inc VAT

Active wheelchairs are built to order following an assessment with one of our Prescriptive Assessors. They are available with a wide range of customisation options, from wheels to seating to style upgrades, and these can affect the price - our Prescriptive Assessors will run through all the options at your assessment. As a general guideline, we find most people will spend around an additional £500 - £1,500 on customisation options on active wheelchairs; however it is possible to get a fully functioning and desirable chair at the base price!

People purchasing active wheelchairs will normally qualify for zero-rated VAT. If the person using the wheelchair has a permanent disability, terminal illness or chronic sickness then they will be eligible for 0% VAT. Our Prescriptive Assessors will be able to answer any questions you may have about VAT.

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