Kuschall Compact 2.0

The redesigned Compact 2.0 is a popular folding active wheelchair offering a great blend of comfort and functionality. With a new lighter hydroformed frame, it folds easily and has the option for a folding backrest to be ultra-compact.

Product Description

Kuschall 2.0 folding frame

Kuschall's 2.0 range has fully redesigned the frames of their wheelchair, and the Compact benefits from a new hydroformed frame, which has reduced the weight by 500 g. The tubing is uniquely shaped for an ergonomic grip - ideal when lifting the chair into a car or repositioning within your seat.

The easy folding mechanism is a key feature, and is the ideal choice if you have limited strength or hand function. The unique cross-brace allows the optional folding backrest to fold neatly over the seat rails, making the wheelchair even more compact when transported or stored.

The front frame is available either as a fixed front, for improved rigidity and weight savings, or with swing-away legrests that enable easy forward transfers.

Seating and Configurability

As expected from the Kuschall range, each Compact 2.0 is bespoke built to your requirements. This includes a range of sizes, and the ability to customise each aspect of the wheelchair, from legrests to cushions, sideguards to wheels, and handrims to push handles. The Compact is also a highly adjustable wheelchair, so it can be tailored for a precise fit, and modified as your condition or experience change.


Folding chairs have sometimes felt a bit "left behind" compared to the effort put into the appearance of high-end rigid chairs. The Compact 2.0 is an exception - it's got the same sporty styling the rest of the Kuschall 2.0 range enjoy. You can customise it with a range of frame colours, set off by either a discreet accent tag, or bold decal design. Our Compact is in Space Black with a light grey decal.

Our Verdict

The Compact 2.0 sits as a mid-range folding chair - a clear step up from basic "beginner" chairs like the Life F or Action 5 Folding, but cheaper than top of the range models such as the Xenon2, Krypton F and Kuschall Champion 2.0. We think it offers good quality, style and value, as well as a reliable design. It is worth comparing to Ki's Catalyst 5, Quickie's Neon 2, and TiLite's Aero X for similarly pitched wheelchairs.

Key Features

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    Folding frame
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    Fixed or swing-away front
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    Hydroformed frame
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    Kuschall 2.0 styling

Our Service

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All aftercare is carried out by our experienced engineers, with a fleet of mobile engineers, and a fully stocked workshop at our HQ - we don't get a third-party company to carry out our work.

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