Lightweight Elevated Leg Rest Wheelchair Hire

Our Elevated Leg Rest Wheelchair comes with the option for one or both legs to be elevated, useful for those recovering from leg, ankle or foot injuries. Still lightweight and foldable, it is highly transportable.

Product Specification

Weight15kg / 2st 5lb
Crash TestedYes
Folded Width29cm / 11.42in
Wheelchair TypeAdult Wheelchair
Folded Height74cm / 29.13in
Folded Length77cm / 30.31in
Max Seat Depth43.5cm / 17.13in
Max Seat Width45.5cm / 17.91in
Min Seat Depth43.5cm / 17.13in
Min Seat Width40.5cm / 15.94in
Max Seat Height47.5cm / 18.70in
Min Seat Height47.5cm / 18.70in
Weight Capacity115kg / 18st 2lb
Max Overall Width64.5cm / 25.39in
Min Overall Width60cm / 23.62in
Max Overall Length77cm / 30.31in
Min Overall Length77cm / 30.31in
Max Backrest Height43.5cm / 17.13in
Min Backrest Height43.5cm / 17.13in
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