Etac Molift Raiser Pro

The Molift Raiser Pro offers a safe and supportive way of aiding sit-to-stand transfers. Ergonomically designed, it stimulates the natural movement pattern, and is stable and supportive. Designed for user with a carer, it is particularly helpful for standing transfers in confined spaces, as it is compact and can turn in its own radius.

Product Description

The Molift Raiser Pro is designed to aid in standing, allowing the user support and stability while using their muscle power to rise themselves into a standing position. It is designed for user with a carer, and allows for the Raiser to be manoeuvred after standing. This assists carers when transfers are carried out, reducing the risk of injury, and is particularly ideal for short transfers in confined spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

The low 35mm step-on height helps getting your feet onto the platform, and it features visible contours and an anti-slip surface. The versatile handlebar is designed to provide optimal grip, with many different positions available to hold it, and a soft warm feel to the material.

For the carer's benefit, the Molift Raiser Pro features a central braking mechanism that is foot operated, allowing it to be operated from a standing position. The leg support is simple to adjust, with a gentle one-hand grip.

Various options are available, including a heel strap to support the user's feet, a block that allows for a higher foot position, and various belts and straps to help rise into a standing position.

Our Verdict

The Molift Raiser Pro is a popular standing aid, smartly designed yet simple to use. It aids with standing and manoeuvring, particularly useful in toileting and showering situations. It can help with rehabilitation for those wishing to rebuild their strength for standing. We would also recommend the Oxford Switch, a similar product that aims in standing.

Key Features

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    Aids standing transfers
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    Ergonomic design
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    Turns in own radius
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    Simple to use

Our Service

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Product Specification

Hoist TypeStanding Aid
Weight Capacity170kg / 26st 11lb


£495 exc VAT / £594 inc VAT