Quickie Q300 M Mini Teens

Quickie's Q300 M Mini Teens is designed for growing teenagers, a narrow chair with highly adjustable seating that can grow alongside your child. It is fully built-to-order, allowing it to cater to a wide range of conditions whilst always meeting your child's lifestyle requirements.

Product Description


The Q300 M Mini Teens features the highly adjustable Sedeo Lite seating system, with widths of 28 - 40 cm and depths of 36 - 50 cm available. It's ideal for children and teenagers needing a slim seat size, and can be adjusted regularly over time so that it fits as well at 18 as it did at 13.

The modular seating also allows it to fit a vast array of seating requirements from precise postural support to pressure relief, and specialist seating such as the JAY range can be fitted. Standout options including the comfortable and supportive Sedeo Lite Deep Contour Active backrest, infinitely adjustable Z-Finity footrests, and a universal headrest mount. A full range of powered seating functions are available, including lift, tilt, recline and articulating elevating leg rests - ideal for those spending all day in their chair.

Power Base

The Q300 M features a ridiculously narrow base - just 52 cm, which is as slender as you will get on an outdoor capable powerchair. Combined with the ultra-short length, this makes it super-manoeuvrable, able to nimbly fit into the tightest of spaces. Together with the swing-away capsulated joystick, low seat height, and optional centre-mount legrest, this also allows you to get closer to objects, such as under a table or desk.

The base might be small, but the performance is big - the Q300M featuring powerful and reliable 4-pole motors for a top speed of 6.5 mph, all-wheel independent suspension for a comfortable ride, and a range of up to 22 miles depending on battery size. The Q300 is truly just at home outdoors as in, and is a genuine all-rounder.


The optional seat riser comes with C-Me technology, allowing you to drive fully elevated at 3 mph. This keeps you at eye level with your friends, with no need to stop while elevating. Unlike in other chairs, the suspension is not locked out when elevating, ensuring you get the same smooth and comfortable ride even when elevated.


VR2 controls come standard, and allow for simple and intuitive control. More advanced R-Net controls are a popular upgrade, allowing for control of more than 2 powered seating functions, as well as environmental controls. With Bluetooth, i-device and Infrared capabilities, you can connect to household and personal devices, controlling a smartphone, laptop, TV or even house lights from your joystick.

For safety, there's the optional remote stop switch that can be activated at ranges of up to 30 metres by an attendant.


The sleek, modern looks of the Q300 M Mini can be fully personalised to match your style. This includes a range of shroud colours including block colour or patterned ones, and accent colours for the trims. If you want something truly unique, we can help with custom shrouds of any design, whether foil-wrapped or hydro-dipped, and unique upholstery colours are even available.

Our Verdict

Quickie's Q300 M Mini is the ultimate teens chair, providing a lasting solution that can fit as well now as it will in five years. The compact size helps to access all areas, and the Q300 is just at home powering around outdoors as it is showing off its precision manoeuvring inside.

We would recommend trying the Q300 M Mini Teens alongside Quantum's Edge 3 Stretto, which has a similarly narrow base and is available in suitable sizes for teenagers. The Stretto has some more advanced powered functions, including an elevating centre-mount legrest, and lie-flat 175° recline, but doesn't have the same sophisticated Sedeo Lite seating.

Key Features

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    Seating that grows
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    Ultra-narrow 52cm base
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    Custom styling
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    Sedeo Lite seating

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