Rehasense Icon 60

The Icon 60 is unique amongst our active chair range in that it is available in a pre-set configuration in several stocked sizes. With an impressive array of features, it is a good mid-range chair for first-time active wheelchair users available quickly.

Product Description

Quick Delivery

Active wheelchairs are normally built to order following an assessment, made to fit your precise measurements, and with a wide range of options to get the performance you want. The Icon 60 is unique in that it comes pre-built in a set specification, in a selection of seat widths. This allows for quick delivery - usually well within a week. Most active wheelchairs have a build time of over a month.


The Icon 60 is available in seat widths from 36 - 48 cm (14 - 19 inches). The seat depth is adjustable between 42 and 46.5 cm, in 1.5 cm increments. Further adjustments include the backrest height and angle, front and rear seat heights, footrest length, and centre of gravity. This means that the Icon 60 can be readily adjusted to fit most body shapes and sizes to the same level as a made to measure chair.

It won't accommodate some requirements - particularly tall or short people, heavier people who need larger seat sizes, children, and those who need more support through a higher backrest. More experienced wheelchair users will tend to opt for a chair built precisely to their size that strips out unnecessary adjustments to save weight, whether that be a fully welded model or just a higher end limited-adjustment chair.

Anything But Standard Specifications

While the Icon 60 comes in a set specification, it's anything but a low-end basic wheelchair. Amongst the standard features on the wheelchair are:

  • 7000 series aluminium alloy

  • 90° tapered front frame

  • Tubular D footplate

  • Compact light horizontal scissor brakes

  • Double-locking folding backrest

  • Tension adjustable backrest with padded mesh breathable upholstery

  • Removable padded mesh cushion

  • Carbon fold-in and removable sideguards

  • 24" quick release rear wheels

  • 4" aluminium core castor wheels

  • Removable under-seat bag

However, there are some popular options that aren't available on the Icon 60 - push handle options in particular, as it comes without them.

Matt Black Styling

The Icon 60 comes in just one colour - matt black, including black rear wheels and handrims. The end result is a sleek, clean looking wheelchair that is stylish yet discreet.

 Options and Off-Roading

There are two options available on the Icon 60 at an additional charge:

  • Anti-tips, spring-loaded swing-away ones. These are ideal for those new to active wheelchairs who want the added security and stability these add.

  • Fat wheels - to switch-out with the standard rear wheels, these feature chunky tyres for off-road use.

The Fat wheels are best paired with an off-road front add-on. In particularly, Rehasense's lightweight carbon Track Wheel is ideal for those propelling off-road, or one of the PAWS handbikes - City, Cruiser and Tourer for high-speed powered off-roading.

This will enable you to package it with powered add on from various suppliers  or even a loan chair if anyone has an issue or delay  with a wheelchair.

Our Verdict

The Icon 60 goes against much of what we'd usually recommend for an active wheelchair - we strongly feel that everyone in an active wheelchair is best off with one built for them. But with its adjustability, range of seat widths, and high specs, it genuinely does suit many people.

It's a mid-range wheelchair, ideal for those after a first properly light active, rigid chair a step above basic models that might be supplied by the NHS, such as Invacare's Action range, and the Quickie Life models. It's of a similar level to chairs like Ki Mobility's Rogue ALX, and Quickie's Argon 2 - available quicker, but with less customisation.

Key Features

  • Icon
    Quick delivery
  • Icon
    Highly adjustable
  • Icon
    Mid-range rigid wheelchair
  • Icon
    Carbon sideguards

Our Service

We passionately believe we provide a level of service above and beyond other retailers that gives you real value for money. Our in-house experts can provide you with impartial advice on the right wheelchair for you, and none of our staff are on commission.

All aftercare is carried out by our experienced specialists, with a fleet of mobile engineers, and a fully stocked workshop at our HQ - we don't get a third-party company to carry out our work. In the unlikely event your wheelchair needs to come back to us for repair, we will provide you with a loan active wheelchair from our fleet to keep you mobile.

Try This Wheelchair

Our Chessington Showroom is stocked with a wide range of wheelchairs for you to try out and compare, and our product specialists are on hand to answer all your questions, and carry out a full assessment. Visiting our Showroom allows you to see the widest possible range of products before making your decision on which wheelchair to buy.

We are also able to carry out home assessments and demonstrations - please call us to book one in. A home consultation comes with the benefit of trying out a wheelchair around the environment in which you will be using it.

Product Specification

Weight9kg / 1st 6lb
Crash TestedNo
Frame MaterialAluminium
Max Seat Depth46.5cm / 18.31in
Max Seat Width48cm / 18.90in
Min Seat Depth42cm / 16.54in
Min Seat Width34cm / 13.39in
Weight Capacity120kg / 18st 13lb
Transport Weight5.8kg / 0st 13lb
Active Wheelchair TypeRigid Wheelchair


£1,895 exc VAT / £2,274 inc VAT

Unlike other active wheelchairs, the Icon 60 is available in several "stocked" sizes with set configurations, rather than being built to order. However, it still requires an assessment with one of our product specialists first to try out the wheelchair, and to ensure it is suitable. There are a small number of additional options that can be added to the Icon 60, which come at an extra cost - our product specialists will run through these options at your assessment.

People purchasing active wheelchairs will normally qualify for zero-rated VAT. If the person using the wheelchair has a permanent disability, terminal illness or chronic sickness then they will be eligible for 0% VAT. Our product specialists will be able to answer any questions you may have about VAT.

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