Quickie Krypton R

Quickie pioneered lightweight wheelchairs in the 1980s, and their new flagship Krypton is the culmination of decades of commitment to constant innovation. Patented X-Braid carbon-weaving technology results in the lightest fully adjustable rigid wheelchair in the world, with a transport weight starting at just 3.65 kg. The staggering strength to weight ratio and unrivalled stiffness of the frame provides an ultra-responsive ride with razor sharp agility, giving you the freedom to live. Your exquisitely detailed Krypton will be tailor-made to complement your lifestyle and allows you to show off your signature style.

Product Description

Carbon Frame

While carbon has been available in wheelchairs for a number of years, Sunrise Medical persisted in optimising their manufacturing techniques before launching a carbon fibre wheelchair, to ensure they got the perfect balance of strength and rigidity. This was achieved with the unique X-Braid technology: while traditional manufacturing techniques see carbon layered, braiding creates a constant weave in the frame tubing, ensuring zero weak links and a precise and consistent result each time. Five times stronger than steel, and both stiffer and lighter than any other material available, carbon fibre is the ultimate material for a lightweight wheelchair, and the Krypton is the best in its class.

Every part of the Krypton was only approved when Sunrise Medical's engineers were 100% happy with it, and it has been tested in conditions from freezing cold -20°C to desert heat of 70°C. No ageing test has worn down the Krypton, and it is designed to stand the test of time. The aerospace engineered carbon fibre frame is strong where necessary and light where possible: this allows you to exert less energy when pushing, while the unrivalled stiff rigidity of the frame and axle tube provides an extremely responsive and agile ride.


The Krypton follows in the finest Quickie traditions of remaining a highly adjustable wheelchair, based on an understanding that everyone has a different shape and size and thus the importance of having a wheelchair bespoke to you. There are over 10,000 configurations for the Krypton, and we can assess and recommend the best configuration for you shape, lifestyle and requirements. While the Krypton isn't quite as adjustable as chairs lower down the range such as the Helium or Neon, there is still a significant amount of post-build fine-tuning available such as the infinitely adjustable centre of gravity, both front and rear seat heights, and the backrest angle.


You can style your ride with a choice of three bold accent colours, adding a splash of personality to your Krypton. The elegant carbon frame has a selection of finishes available from the natural raw carbon finish that saves a further 100 g of weight, to the luxury transparent gloss, and understated transparent matt finish - or have your frame simply in classic black, whether matt or gloss. The beautiful styling of the Krypton and personalisation options let you design a wheelchair that you can cherish, and define a style to call your own.


If you are needing to regularly transport your wheelchair in a car, the instinct may be to go for the folding Krypton F instead - however, the Krypton R's open frame design, folding backrest and quick release wheels make it super-lightweight and compact, and is easier than ever to lift over your body onto the passenger seat.

Our Verdict

It cannot be emphasised enough just how important weight savings are on an active wheelchair - every gram saved is less weight you're pushing around, and the stiffer the frame, the more energy is transferred to forward propulsion. The Krypton R offers outstanding driving performance, and is truly the pinnacle of the Quickie wheelchair range, sitting above the Nitrum as their flagship rigid wheelchair. For those seeking the lightest wheelchair, the Krypton is the obvious choice.

We would recommend test driving the Krypton alongside one of Progeo's carbon models - Progeo being specialists in carbon fibre wheelchairs, with several stylish Italian-made models such as the Duke and Noir 2.0 available.

Key Features

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    X-Braid carbon frame
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    Lightest Quickie wheelchair
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    Ultra-responsive ride
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    Seductive styling

Our Service

We passionately believe we provide a level of service above and beyond other retailers that gives you real value for money. Our in-house experts can provide you with impartial advice on the right wheelchair for you, and none of our staff are on commission.

All aftercare is carried out by our experienced specialists, with a fleet of mobile engineers, and a fully stocked workshop at our HQ - we don't get a third-party company to carry out our work.

Try This Wheelchair

Our Chessington Showroom is stocked with a wide range of wheelchairs for you to try out and compare, and our product specialists are on hand to answer all your questions, and carry out a full assessment. Visiting our Showroom allows you to see the widest possible range of products before making your decision on which wheelchair to buy.

We are also able to carry out home assessments and demonstrations - please call us to book one in. A home consultation comes with the benefit of trying out a wheelchair around the environment in which you will be using it.

Product Specification

Weight6.2kg / 0st 14lb
Crash TestedNo
Frame MaterialCarbon Fibre
Max Seat Depth48cm / 18.90in
Max Seat Width46cm / 18.11in
Min Seat Depth34cm / 13.39in
Min Seat Width32cm / 12.60in
Weight Capacity125kg / 19st 10lb
Transport Weight3.65kg / 0st 8lb
Active Wheelchair TypeRigid Wheelchair


Active wheelchairs are built to order following an assessment with one of our Prescriptive Assessors. They are available with a wide range of customisation options, from wheels to seating to style upgrades, and these can affect the price - our Prescriptive Assessors will run through all the options at your assessment. As a general guideline, we find most people will spend around an additional £500 - £1,500 on customisation options on active wheelchairs; however it is possible to get a fully functioning and desirable chair at the base price!

People purchasing active wheelchairs will normally qualify for zero-rated VAT. If the person using the wheelchair has a permanent disability, terminal illness or chronic sickness then they will be eligible for 0% VAT. Our Prescriptive Assessors will be able to answer any questions you may have about VAT.