Quickie Life R

The Quickie Life R is the ideal choice for first-time active wheelchair users. Offering unparalleled adjustability, it can be fine-tuned to meet improving wheelchair skills as well as changing clinical needs. On-chair adjustments allow the Life to be changed in increments between a stable passive position and a highly active, energy-efficient set-up, without needing new parts. The rigid box frame of the Life R provides good rolling performance, and is extremely robust for a long-lasting and reliable wheelchair.

Product Description


It can take a while to get used to your first active wheelchair, both finding your best seating set-up and also developing your wheelchair skills. The Life caters for this by providing a massive range of on-chair adjustments - including 6 cm of centre of gravity, 8 cm of rear seat height, and 1 - 4° wheel camber, all of which don't require new parts, and are a much higher level of adjustment than found on other chairs. This allows you to start off with maximum stability, for example with fold-down push handles and anti-tips fitted as well, and then change the configuration as you gain confidence to a more aggressive, energy efficient and active set-up.


The seating offers a similar wide range of configurations to ensure your wheelchair always provides a high level of comfort and matches your clinical needs. This includes an angle-adjustable backrest with a pivot point 6 cm above the seat to match your hip angle, and a choice of either tension adjustable backrest upholstery or the more clinical J3 range of posture-supporting backrests, plus an array of armrests and sideguards. Your choice of either a fixed or swing-away front end is also available. The fixed option provides better rigidity and thus performance, as well as a more compact footprint with the option of a 2 cm inset. Swing-away legrests enable easier forward transfers, and there is a choice of the lightweight Xenon2 legrests or cheaper Helix-style ones.

Frame and Transport

While the Life R is heavier than higher-end active wheelchairs such as the Argon or Helium, it has a range of lightweight and high-tech customisation options cascaded down from these models, such as Helium-style carbon fibre sideguards and foot platform. This weight reduction helps to minimise the energy needed for everyday activities, reducing the load on your shoulders, arms and hands.

The Life range is a popular choice in the NHS for its robust, long-established design - it is fully crash tested, and features three stabiliser bars for outstanding rigidity and to ensure it stands the test of time. While the box frame does mean the Life R is not as compact as models like the Argon2, once the wheels are popped off, it is still relatively transportable with a double-locking backrest for an easy lifting point.


If you wish to use a handbike such as the Empulse F55, the Life R is the ideal wheelchair to attach it to due to its excellent strength and robust frame. Using a handbike tends to "hammer" your wheelchair, so a box frame works well with them as it offers the highest strength.


While many first-time wheelchairs have a clunky, "medical" look to them, the Life has all the style options you'd expect of the Quickie range. This includes 32 frame colours plus a selection of accent colours to personalise your wheelchair, plus good-looking handrims and wheels, coloured components and the option for an inset "sporty" frame. Our showroom model is in Tutti Frutti Orange - with orange accents too! It certainly turns heads - though less garish colour combinations are available if you prefer a more refined style.

Our Verdict

The Life R is a modern take on a classic frame design, an attractive yet practical wheelchair. In our view, it is the best pick for those new to active wheelchairs who want to benefit from a rigid frame. It offers the highest range of "on chair" adjustability - more than on the Argon2, letting it adapt to your changing requirements, whilst still retaining good performance. While ultimately most wheelchair users will then go on to a lighter more advanced model such as the Helium, by gaining experience with the Life you can develop your skills and work out the best set-up for your wheelchair.

We would suggest trying it alongside Invacare's Action 5 Rigid, which is their equivalent. The Action 5 is slightly cheaper, but doesn't have quite the same level of customisation, particularly of appearance.

Key Features

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    Ideal beginner's wheelchair
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    Highly adjustable
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    Robust and rigid
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    Stylish design

Our Service

We passionately believe we provide a level of service above and beyond other retailers that gives you real value for money. Our in-house experts can provide you with impartial advice on the right wheelchair for you, and none of our staff are on commission.

All aftercare is carried out by our experienced specialists, with a fleet of mobile engineers, and a fully stocked workshop at our HQ - we don't get a third-party company to carry out our work. In the unlikely event your wheelchair needs to come back to us for repair, we will provide you with a loan active wheelchair from our fleet to keep you mobile.

Try This Wheelchair

Our Chessington Showroom is stocked with a wide range of wheelchairs for you to try out and compare, and our product specialists are on hand to answer all your questions, and carry out a full assessment. Visiting our Showroom allows you to see the widest possible range of products before making your decision on which wheelchair to buy.

We are also able to carry out home assessments and demonstrations - please call us to book one in. A home consultation comes with the benefit of trying out a wheelchair around the environment in which you will be using it.

Product Specification

Weight10.7kg / 1st 10lb
Crash TestedYes
Frame MaterialAluminium
Max Seat Depth50cm / 19.69in
Max Seat Width48cm / 18.90in
Min Seat Depth36cm / 14.17in
Min Seat Width34cm / 13.39in
Weight Capacity125kg / 19st 10lb
Active Wheelchair TypeRigid Wheelchair


£1,450 exc VAT / £1,740 inc VAT

Active wheelchairs are built to order following an assessment with one of our Prescriptive Assessors. They are available with a wide range of customisation options, from wheels to seating to style upgrades, and these can affect the price - our Prescriptive Assessors will run through all the options at your assessment. As a general guideline, we find most people will spend around an additional £500 - £1,500 on customisation options on active wheelchairs; however it is possible to get a fully functioning and desirable chair at the base price!

People purchasing active wheelchairs will normally qualify for zero-rated VAT. If the person using the wheelchair has a permanent disability, terminal illness or chronic sickness then they will be eligible for 0% VAT. Our Prescriptive Assessors will be able to answer any questions you may have about VAT.

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