Quickie Q700-Up F

The Quickie Q700-Up F is hugely impressive standing powered wheelchair from Sunrise Medical's Q-series range of powerchairs. Featuring the highly-configurable Sedeo Ergo biometric seating with a smooth and quiet stand function, your Q700-Up can elevate you into a standing position with just the touch of a button, allowing you to enjoy all the medical benefits of standing, as well as letting you be eye-to-eye with the world around you. Featuring the front-wheel drive common to most standing powered wheelchairs, the Q700-Up F is extremely manoeuvrable, and offers outstanding performance with powerful 4-pole motors and 4 wheel Spider-Trac suspension, letting you drive in comfort at up to 8 mph. Your Q700-Up F will be bespoke made to match your needs, offering unrivalled comfort, support and pressure relief from the Sedeo Ergo and JAY seating ranges.