Quickie Q700-Up M

The Quickie Q700-Up M is the flagship standing powered wheelchair of Sunrise Medical's Q-series of powerchairs. A replacement for the Quickie Jive Up, the Q700-Up has been entirely redesigned to feature the highly-configurable Sedeo Ergo biometric seating with a new, smoother stand function. With just the touch of a button, your Q700-Up can elevate you into a standing position, allowing you to enjoy all the medical benefits of standing, as well as letting you be eye-to-eye with the world around you. Powerful 4-pole motors and reconfigured Spider-Trac 2.0 suspension on the Q700 M base give you the freedom to roam where you choose outdoors at up to 8 mph, while mid-wheel drive and an ultra-small turning circle allow the Q700-Up M to offer outstanding indoor agility. Your Q700-Up will be bespoke made to match your needs, offering unrivalled comfort from either the stylish and comfortable Sedeo Ergo or supportive and pressure-relieving JAY seating range.