TiLite ZR

The ZR is a welded version of TiLite's best-selling ZRA, saving over 600 g of weight, to give you the lightest TiLite wheelchair available. The minimalist mono-tube titanium frame provides a smoother ride thanks to its vibration dampening properties, and is incredibly durable. Each ZR is fully bespoke built to your measurements as part of the TiFit process, providing a precision fit and level of customisation far beyond what other manufacturers can offer.

Product Specification

Crash TestedYes
Frame MaterialTitanium
Max Seat Depth51cm / 20.08in
Max Seat Width51cm / 20.08in
Min Seat Depth25.5cm / 10.04in
Min Seat Width25.5cm / 10.04in
Weight Capacity136kg / 21st 6lb
Transport Weight4.2kg / 0st 9lb
Active Wheelchair TypeRigid Wheelchair