Triride Special HP16

The HP16 is the largest model in Triride's "Special" handbike range with a big, 16" wheel to tackle ground that a smaller wheel would struggle with. It features a high-power 1500W motor, and has an impressive 31 mile range.

Product Description


Italian manufacturers Triride specialise exclusively in handbikes, and are rightly considered the market-leaders. Their products feature their own electronics and motors that they have developed exclusively for their handbike models. This allows their handbikes to offer performance levels - whether that be speed, torque, power or range - above and beyond the competitors.

Each of Triride's handbikes is made to order with a range of configuration options. This allows them to be tailored to meet your requirements, rather than being "off the shelf" products with a "one size fits all" approach. The wide range of options includes matching handlebars and controls to your hand function, tyres and batteries to meet your lifestyle demands, or frame colours to complement your wheelchair. Electronic options include adaptive cruise control that can even keep you at a constant speed going downhill, and Triride's Intelligent Braking System, with both mechanical and hydraulic disk brakes are available.

Triride handbikes fit to almost every model of active wheelchair on the market, including those with swing-away legrests, and can be easily mounted and dismounted to allow for quick switching between self-propelling and powered driving, and also to allow for simple transport in a vehicle. Optional T-stands can aid with mounting and demounting, depending on your core strength and experience.

Triride Special HP16

The Special HP16 is the largest of Triride's "Special" range of handbikes, which feature their more advanced electronics and motors when compared to their entry-level Light and Folding models. It sits at the top of the "Special" range for outdoors performance, with a focus on that thanks to its 1500W motor and large 16 inch wheel, providing it with great handling and power.

The flip-side to this is that compared to the other models within the Special range, it is larger and heavier, while the big wheel means it doesn't have quite the same manoeuvrability when used in urban settings. However, it does have an enhanced 140 kg weight capacity compared to the 120 kg of most of the smaller models in the range.

Our Verdict

The Special HP16 occupies an tricky position in Triride's range - it doesn't have the same all-purpose versatility of the Special Light and Special Compact HT, both of which are more manoeuvrable and easier to transport, but also isn't quite the same extreme off-roader as the MadMax and T-Rocks.

Despite this, we think the HP16 is well worth considering, particularly for those with an outdoors focus on challenging ground, but who still want their handbike to perform respectably when occasionally used on more conventional ground. It is also significantly cheaper than the MadMax and T-Rocks, while still providing outstanding off-road performance.

We would recommend trying it alongside the PAWS Cruiser, which is a similarly-sized handbike that features features a unique clamping mechanism.

Key Features

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    Large 16" wheel
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    1500W motor
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    Cheaper than MaxMax and T-Rocks
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    31 mile range

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