Invacare Cetus

The Cetus is Invacare's top of the range 8 mph scooter. A powerful performer, it is a true off-road scooter, boasting large 15" wheels, full suspension and 100 Ah batteries. The Cetus can accommodate people up to 35 stone with incredibly comfortable and adjustable seating, resulting in a durable premium product.

Product Specification

Speed8 mph / 12.87 km/h
Weight178 kg / 28st 0lb
Battery Size100Ah
Scooter TypeRoad Scooter, Off-Road Scooter
Seat Depth51 cm / 20.08 in
Seat Width55 cm / 21.65 in
Max Range27 miles / 43.45 km
Overall Width72 cm / 28.35 in
Weight Capacity22.6 kg / 3st 8lb