Loopwheels Carbon

The Carbon Loopwheels are an enhanced version of the Classics with an additional 12% carbon to increase lateral stiffness. They provide in-built suspension for your wheelchair, increasing your comfort and protecting you from harmful vibration.

Product Description

What Loopwheels Are

A Loopwheel is a wheel with integral suspension - it reduces vibration, increases performance, and provides you with greater comfort. The carbon springs absorb vibrations and bumps, are strong and durable, and are designed for everyday use. The three loops in each wheel act as a self-correcting system, constantly adjusting to uneven terrain; in effect the hub floats within the rim. The springs also give you a practical advantage of helping to get up kerbs.

They don't run quite as true as a standard spoked wheel, and you will notice some sideways movement, although less so than the Classics. Loopwheels are different to standard spoked wheels - you will feel a difference to them as a result of their flexibility. While there is a trade-off in rigidity, you will also notice a massive increase in comfort.

Designed and made in the UK, the Loopwheel springs are made from a carbon composite material. Carefully developed and tested, they give optimum compression and lateral stability, as well as strength and resilience. Each Loopwheel is crafted by hand in Nottinghamshire.

They will fit most manual wheelchairs that use standard quick release axles. Designed for adults, those under 50 kg won't feel so much benefit from the suspension - the softer springed Loopwheels Urban would be worth trying instead.

Loopwheels Carbon

The Carbon wheels feature an additional 12% high-tech carbon over the Classic Loopwheels, providing them with 20% more lateral stiffness. They therefore offer a sportier ride, letting you go steadier and stronger than before. As with the Classics, they offer 60.9% vibration reduction (compared to a Spinergy Day wheel).

What they come with

The Loopwheels Carbon come in a black carbon finish. As standard they come as a pair of wheels with a black aluminium handrim. This can be mounted narrow (11 mm) or wide (19 mm) depending on your preferred grip. The wheels come in either 24" or 25".

The wheels can be supplied fitted with the popular Marathon Plus puncture-resistant tyres for a £90 upcharge.

Alternate Carbolife handrims are also available at an additional cost; this includes the Curve and popular Gekko handrims.

Our Verdict

There is increasing concern about the long-term damage done by vibrations through using a wheelchair, and Loopwheels are a great way of protecting yourself from this. They also provide a much smoother ride than standard wheels, massively increasing your comfort.

The Carbon Loopwheels address the Classic Loopwheels' issue with lateral movement, with increased lateral stability; otherwise delivering the same comfort and protection. We have found that most people either go for the Classics, or upgrade to the top of the range Loopwheels Urban, which while more expensive, offer even more lateral stiffness, vibration reduction and weight savings. The Urbans also have the choice of three spring rates, depending on your weight and ride preference.

There are other options for reducing vibration - Frogs Legs castor forks are well-known in the industry, but do tend to make your wheelchair front-heavy. Titanium framed wheelchairs do also help to reduce vibration, but don't have the same suspension, and it does limit your choice of wheelchair. Ki Mobility's Ethos has a new suspension system that reduces vibration and smooths out your ride - this is worth considering if you are looking to get a new wheelchair.

Key Features

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    Increased lateral stiffness
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    Sleek carbon finish
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    Reduce vibration
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    Integrated suspension

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Product Specification

Accessory TypeActive Wheelchair Wheels


£1,199 exc VAT / £1,438.80 inc VAT