Tilt in Space Wheelchair Hire

Our Tilt in Space wheelchair is designed for those that need to spend longer periods of time in a wheelchair, and who may also need assistance with their posture. The Rea Azalea wheelchair can be tilted and reclined to help the user maintain the correct posture, as well as assisting with even pressure distribution. Anatomically shaped cushioning ensures that it is a true "comfort wheelchair", and also ensures that the necessary postural support is provided.

Product Specification

Weight34 kg / 5st 5lb
Crash TestedYes
Wheelchair TypeTilt In Space Wheelchair
Max Seat Depth50 cm / 19.69 in
Max Seat Width59 cm / 23.23 in
Min Seat Depth43 cm / 16.93 in
Min Seat Width39 cm / 15.35 in
Max Seat Height45 cm / 17.72 in
Min Seat Height45 cm / 17.72 in
Weight Capacity135 kg / 21st 4lb
Max Overall Width76 cm / 29.92 in
Min Overall Width61 cm / 24.02 in
Max Overall Length102 cm / 40.16 in
Min Overall Length95 cm / 37.40 in
Max Backrest Height79 cm / 31.10 in
Min Backrest Height56 cm / 22.05 in