Managing mobility issues in the elderly

Thu Jan 13 2022

As a person ages, problems associated with mobility can arise. Simple movement such as walking, or day to day activities such as getting in and out of a chair or bed can become difficult and physical support may be needed.

Mobility issues in the elderly can happen because of several reasons. As a person ages, their muscles and joints may become weaker and other health issues may contribute to this. For instance, some neurological or physical disabilities such as dementia, arthritis or Parkinson’s may develop during a person’s life.

Seeking support to prevent a fall is critical, which is why we recommend the use of mobility aids for those at risk. Different types of care at home are also a very viable option.

Slips, trips, and falls in the elderly

One of the most common physical traumas an elderly person may experience as they age are falls. Falls can happen due to poor footwear, extreme weather conditions, dehydration, dizziness, or health conditions such as heart failure, diabetes or stroke.

Falls are a cause for concern as they can result in serious injury and at times, fatality. Elderly bones take far longer to heal which is why preventative measures must be in place to avoid such events from happening.

Preventative measures and solutions for falls in the elderly

When the risk of falling is high, people tend to set up care for themselves or their loved one. Most people will opt for the traditional solution of a care home but this may not always be suitable, especially as the risk of falls is 3 times higher in a care home, compared to receiving care at home.

Care at home, otherwise known as 'domiciliary care', is an ideal option for many, when paired with suitable mobility aids and/or personal alarms. Trinity Homecare, is just one example of 'outstanding' rated care, that works for those who may not need full time support. Local to Chessington and the areas of London and Surrey, they can provide live-in care and visiting care, bespoke to your needs.

Homecare providers such as Trinity Homecare offer care needs assessments to help you determine the level of support you need. They may also advise on mobility aids or products for inside and outside the home.

At Wheelfreedom, we also offer a similar service. Our health assessments assess your mobility and living needs so that you can find tailored solutions that will help you remain independent.

Wheelchairs and other mobility aids may be a suitable solution for someone who has just had a recent fall. However, mobility aids are also a great way to prevent falls and other accidents from happening.

Mobility aids to prevent falls in the elderly

Research and recent studies have proven that the use of mobility aids in the home or care setting, can significantly reduce the risk of falls.

Mobility aids can be used both inside and outside the home. At Wheelfreedom, we are proud to be the industry leading mobility provider in the Surrey, London and South East of England region. With a vast range of mobility equipment to suit elderly people and those living with disabilities, our showroom offers a unique shopping experience where you can try before you buy.

Recliner chairs and supportive furniture 

Recliner chairs and furniture are a great mobility solution for the elderly. Our Recliner chairs allow you to relax in comfort, whilst receiving the physical support you need. With rise and recline functions, our chairs are tailor made, helping you get in and out of your chair safely, whilst elevating your legs for prolonged use. There are also hundreds of styles, colour and materials to chose from so you can have a stylish interior.

Rise and recline chairs

Adjustable beds for prolonged use

Most people get around 8 hours sleep a night, meaning we spend a third of our day spent in bed. For the elderly, this is often a little longer which is why comfort is key.

Adjustable beds are essentially have the same functionality as a hospital bed, and much more. With different mattress options, bed frame style, sizes, height options and adjustability, our selection of beds are suitable for those who are elderly or living with a disability that restricts or limits their movement.

Rollators and walkers for the elderly

Rollators are ideal for those who wish to remain active, whilst feeling supported. Many of our rollators at Wheelfreedom have integrated seats for resting and attached bags for essential shopping trips.

Our range of rollators is very extensive with something to suit everybody. We have rollators that are specifically designed for the elderly and those living with conditions such as Parkinson's, dementia and arthritis. View some of our products below.

Rollz Motion Rhythm

Designed for neurological diseases
The Rollz Motion Rhythm uses laser, sound and vibration to ensure a steady walking pace, whilst preventing freezing.

Mobilex Tiger Forearm

Additional support for forearm
Ideal for those with conditions such as arthritis, the Mobilex Tiger Forearm Rollator has an adjustable height and length for added comfort.


We supply a variety of manual and active wheelchairs suitable for elderly people. Many of our wheelchairs are lightweight and foldable for ease of use. We also offer bariatric wheelchairs, tilt-in-space wheelchairs and powerpacks to assist with pushing.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are a great mobility aid to help you get around. Many of the scooters we stock are lightweight, transportable and easy to use. They also come in a variety of styles, with some of them suitable for off-road use.

Scooters are ideal for someone elderly who wishes to travel a bit further, giving them total peace of mind and reassurance. Read our mobility scooter guide to help you find the right product.

Mobility aids available to hire for the elderly

Many of our mobility products at Wheelfreedom are available to hire which means you can try before you buy.

Give you and your loved one peace of mind in knowing you are shopping with a five star rated mobility provider where you will receive a service that is completely tailored to your needs.

Find out more about our hire service by getting in touch with a member of the team today.

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