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Wheelfreedom to close early Saturday 7th July

Thu Jul 05 2018
Due to the heroics of the England football team, Wheelfreedom are closing early to allow our staff and fans to enjoy the game. Because of this our phones will be off from 2:30 and any collections/ drop offs will need to be made to our premises by 2pm.

Staff Training - 27th June

Mon Jun 25 2018
On Wednesday 27th June we will be closing early for a staff training event. This will not affect next day delivery at all as we will be closing at 16:30, one hour after the next day cut off. We will be open as usual on Thursday 28th June.

New Revo 2.0 - What It's All About

Fri Jun 15 2018
Pride Mobility already manufacture one of the most comprehensive ranges of mobility scooters around, and that range has just grown further with the addition of the Revo 2.0. This new arrival fills a gap in their range, being a creative hybrid between the performance and comfort of medium sized scooters and the transportability of small “car boot” scooters”.

Product Profile: Q100 R

Thu Jun 07 2018
The long-awaited Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa Q100 R was released this summer, and is now available for long-term hire or purchase from Wheelfreedom. This ultra-compact, rear wheel drive powerchair offers excellent performance, stylish aesthetic and a long range. In fact, the Q100 R is big on everything except the price.

We now do Rollators!

Fri Jun 01 2018
Following customer feedback, Wheelfreedom have been looking into Rollators for a while now, and after testing out a large number of rollators, from various suppliers we have settled on… The Invacare Dolmite Jazz2 610!

Spring Bank Holiday

Wed May 23 2018
We are closed this May bank holiday, meaning our last day of business will be Friday 25th May. Any orders placed on this day can be delivered on Saturday 26th (at a surcharge), otherwise standard deliveries will arrive on Tuesday 29th May, when our offices will re-open as usual.

New Jazzy Zero Turn for Baroness Thomas

Wed May 16 2018
Wheelfreedom and Pride mobility joined forces to handover a new Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter to Baroness Thomas of Winchester. Having been a customer of ours for a number of years, it is always an honour to assist Baroness Thomas with all her mobility needs. The handover itself was done by one of our experienced mobility specialists Aaron Cushen, who ensured that Celia was confident using the scooter and that it was fully fitted and adjusted for her comfort and safety.

Product Profile: Quantum 4Front Powerchair

Thu May 10 2018
Having carried out a consultation for the Quantum 4Front at the start of this week, we’ve decided to profile this distinctive powerchair that has attracted much interest since being launched earlier this year.

Fleet Clearance: Pride Colt Plus - £300

Fri Apr 27 2018
Pride Mobility’s Colt Plus is an affordable pavement scooter, designed for daily use, and we have two ex-hire models available to purchase at an incredibly low price. Being slightly larger than others in the Colt pavement range and other boot scooters, it aids in transporting the driver comfortably around streets and pavements, with a sturdy and reliable feel to it.

Wheelfreedom Get Hands-On With The New Quickie Krypton

Thu Apr 19 2018
Wheelfreedom welcomed Sunrise Medical’s Quickie wheelchair specialists to our London service centre on Tuesday this week. As a Quickie Professional dealer, we have over ten years’ expertise in Sunrise Medical’s range of high-end wheelchairs, and this was an opportunity to get hands-on with the pioneering new carbon-fibre Krypton and see how it fits into the Quickie active user wheelchair range.

Government Consider Plans for Improved Disabled Air Travel.

Fri Apr 13 2018
The government are looking into measures to improve air travel for disabled passengers after problems at Heathrow airport were highlighted recently by BBC journalist Frank Gardener, when he was left sat on a plan for an hour and a half after it had landed.

JIVE F XL now available for Short Term Hire

Wed Apr 04 2018
It is increasingly difficult to find a powerchair for anyone of a heavy user, or bariatric size on short term hire. The larger size and more expensive parts mean that the cost skyrockets and it becomes almost impossible to afford for a small number of weeks… until now.

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

Wed Mar 28 2018
Wheelfreedom will be closed over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, from Friday 30th March – Monday 2nd April, and re-opens on Tuesday 3rd April with normal opening hours. Please read on for more information on our service over the Easter period.

Heathrow Won’t Compensation Delayed Disabled Passengers.

Mon Mar 26 2018
In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye was asked various questions regarding the airports responsibility when it came to providing compensation for disabled passengers who were left stranded, or severely delayed coming in or out of the airport. Heathrow claim they will now work to a “20 minute” target for which to get a disabled traveller off a plane, after every other passenger has left, however his answers repeated the idea that he doesn’t “think it’s reasonable that we should take financial responsibility” for passengers who aren’t helped within this time frame.

Accessible routes option added to Google maps

Thu Mar 22 2018
Google have introduced a new feature on Google Maps which allows users to plan their journeys based on routes which provide step free access. The programme was designed to help people navigate the world by finding the quickest, or best route from A to B, or even just to show where the nearest ‘anything’ is to your current location. However, the ‘best’ or ‘quickest’ routes are often not the most convenient for someone with a disability.

Breeze S4 Redesign

Fri Mar 16 2018
The Breeze S4 has been given a stylish new redesign by the guys over at TGA Mobility. The new design adds a modern look, while TGA have also introduced the option of a new ‘charcoal grey’ shroud. It is not only the body which has been redesigned, the tiller and dashboard have both seen changes, creating a more aesthetically pleasing look, with smoother edges and a better laid out display. A canopy (Pictured) can also be fitted, creating a more complete look, whilst also having the practical function of keeping the elements off of the user.

What do I need? Knee Scooter or Leg Trolley?

Thu Mar 08 2018
We receive many calls from customers who have recently suffered a foot or ankle injury asking which the best option for them is, the Knee Scooter or the Orthopaedic Leg Trolley. Both the Knee scooter and the Orthopaedic Leg Trolley function in the same way, by resting the knee of the injured lower leg on the knee rest pad, and pushing along the ground using the uninjured leg, propelling the Knee Scooter or Leg Trolley in the desired direction. But which is the right one for you?

Wheelfreedom partner with car hoist experts Autochair

Fri Mar 02 2018
Wheelfreedom have partnered with Autochair, the leading supplier and manufacturer of car hoists and lifts, designed for getting your mobility scooter or powerchair in and out your car. Getting your mobility product into the boot of a car is not always easy and convenient, it can even be tough with ‘boot scooters’ sometimes, so having a hoist to take the strain for you will benefit all who need to transport theirs or their family members mobility scooter or powerchair using a car.

Finance options now available at Wheelfreedom

Thu Feb 22 2018
Wheelfreedom have now partnered with Divido, the highly rated finance provider, in order to offer our customers the opportunity to spread the cost of your mobility scooter, or your powerchair, across a period of 2-4 years on a range of finance options, allowing you to get the product you want when you want it.

Product Profile: Ex-hire TGA Breeze S4 & S4 Max available from £1,200*

Fri Feb 16 2018
We have got three ex-hire TGA Breeze S4’s and one Breeze S4 Max at a greatly discounted rate available for purchase or long-term hire. These premium, top of the range scooters combine powerful performance, ease of use, and comfort. With a weight capacity of up to 31 stone, this is perfect for someone who wants a solid, advanced and comfortable mobility scooter.

Blue Badge Scheme Could Cover More Conditions

Thu Feb 08 2018
A new proposal has been made for blue badge parking permits to be awarded to those suffering with ‘hidden disabilities’ as well as those who already qualify for the scheme. The proposed new policy will see conditions such as Dementia and Autism considered, where previously they had not. Transport minister Jesse Norman said that the blue badges make it easier to disabled people to see friends, get a job and go to the shop and that “we want to try to extend this to people with invisible disabilities.”

The DWP Set to Review Every PIP Claim

Tue Jan 30 2018
The Department for Work and Pensions have announced that all 1.6 million people receiving Personal Independence Payments will have their claims reviewed. The decision comes following the recent news that the DWP would not be challenging a court ruling, which had said that recent changes to the PIP system were unfair to those suffering with invisible disabilities, such as mental health conditions. An estimated 220,000 people are expected to receive more money as a result.

NHS Commissioners Given More Freedom with Wheelchair budgets

Thu Jan 25 2018
Commissioning groups within the NHS have been given the opportunity to think more creatively in how funding will be distributed. With a new personal wheelchair budget being introduced in April this year, it should see CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Groups) being able to offer wheelchairs and powerchairs of a higher spec than they could previously, provided it is appropriate for the patient.

Sunrise Medical JAY Seating Training

Sat Jan 20 2018
This week three of our product specialists were in Birmingham for Sunrise Medical’s JAY seating training event, designed to gain knowledge about the core principles underlying seating and positioning, whilst learning more about their JAY seating range and how it can benefit you.