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Xmas opening times 2018

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It’s cold outside, Jingle Bells is playing in most shops and Walkers have released brussel sprout flavoured crisps, and that can only mean one thing, the festive season has begun. So now is the time to plan for hiring a wheelchair or mobility product to ensure your loved ones get to spend the most wonderful time of the year with you, in comfort. Here at Wheelfreedom, we will be providing manual wheelchairs across mainland Britain and powered products to London and the South East of England throughout the run up to Christmas.

Product Profile: Cabin Car Mk 2

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With the cold weather being well and truly here and the days getting darker, there has never been a better time to profile the Cabin Car Mk 2. This unique mobility scooter is like no other on the market, offering complete cover from the elements as well as features which mimic a car more than a classic scooter including an in-built heater for the cold winter days and a fan for those summer afternoons.

St Andrews Day 2018

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On Friday 30th November, it is St Andrew’s Day. Due to this we would like to advise our Scottish customers, and those traveling to Scotland, to take into consideration that there will be no deliveries or collections on this day within Scotland.

Choosing a Pavement scooter

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A pavement scooter is the perfect middle ground when it comes to mobility products. Many people choosing a scooter will look at the range, suspension, price, warranty and safety features before making their decision and pavement scooters provide the ideal combination of all of these. These scooters are ideal for travelling around the local area due to their size and speed but can also be taken out on day trips as they will have superior range over smaller scooters.

Looking After Your Mobility Scooter During the Winter Months

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Christmas sandwiches are appearing in supermarkets, it’s getting darker earlier and, most noticeably, it is starting to get colder. This can only mean one thing. As Game of Thrones tells us regularly, winter is coming. With the cold and the wet becoming more prominent in your day to day routine, it is important to ensure that your mobility scooter is working at its absolute best. Here we have some tips on how to keep your scooter working at its finest throughout the most wonderful time of the year.

Accessibility Guide App Launched

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Access Able is a new app released this week with the aim to ‘take the chance out of going out.’ This innovative new guidance app allows its users to see how accessible public places are as well as assisting in planning the best and most accessible routes to these destinations.

Pride Colt Plus Returns

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Pride Mobility have re-released the Colt Plus mobility scooter due to strong demand for a reliable and comfortable medium-sized scooter for pavement use.

Government Errors to Lead to Backdated Benefits.

Wed Oct 17 2018
It was recently revealed that The Department for Work and Pensions is having to pay back over £1.5bn in overdue sickness benefits after underpaying those who moved onto the Employment and Support Allowance scheme.

Product Profile: Quantum Kozmo

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We attended Quantum's exclusive product launch in late September, and got an early look at the new Kozmo powered wheelchair. This interesting little powered wheelchair is a little different from anything else on the market, so we've chosen to profile it this week.

Product Profile: TGA Supersport, Ex-Hire £1,200*

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One of the most unique mobility scooters on the market, the Supersport series has been a staple for TGA Mobility for over 25 years now. Here at Wheelfreedom we are selling an ex-hire model at a hugely discounted price.

“Life-Changing” New Travel App Previewed

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A new app described by disabled comedian Tanyalee Davis as “life-changing” has been previewed, allowing instantaneous support at the click of a button for disabled rail users. Developed by Transreport, Passenger Assist is currently being trialled by four rail operators, and is expected to launch nationwide in Autumn next year.

Free Q-Series Lift & Tilt Upgrade at Get Going Live!

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Wheelfreedom are attending the Get Going Live! event at the QEF Mobility Services centre in Carshalton on 5th October, allowing you the chance to try out the new Quickie Q-series powerchairs. Alongside Sunrise Medical, we have an exclusive offer for attendees at the event, who can claim a free upgrade to powered Lift & Tilt (worth up to £1,750) on any Q500 or Q700 wheelchair purchased following the event.

Sunrise Medical Q-Series Powerchairs Launched

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Sunrise Medical’s much-anticipated Q-Series powerchairs have now been officially released, and are available now from Wheelfreedom. As Quickie Powered Wheelchair Dealer of the Year and a Sunrise Medical Elite Dealer, we were given exclusive early access to these powered wheelchairs, including demonstration models, and so can bring you our insights on these advanced powerchairs.

Bespoke Wheelchair Hire Delivery Services from Wheelfreedom

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Here at Wheelfreedom we aim to meet every single need you may have as a customer. Whether it is bringing out multiple, varied, options with us for our home consultations, or by our trusted in-house Occupational therapist attending consultations to aid with our evaluations. Anther service we can provide is a bespoke delivery service for both our manual chairs as well as our powered mobility equipment.

Sunrise Medical Quickie Power Wheelchair Dealer of the Year

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This week Wheelfreedom received an award from Sunrise Medical as their Power Wheelchair Dealer of the Year for 2018. We are honoured to receive this award, which is a recognition of the expertise and dedication of our staff towards providing an outstanding service for our Quickie powered wheelchair customers.

Bank Holiday Wheelchair Hire

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The summer bank holiday weekend is approaching, and this means that we will be closed on Monday 27th August. For those ordering one of our manual products, orders will need to be placed by 3:30pm on Friday 24th if you want to receive this before the holiday. We will open as usual on Tuesday 26th August. So, it is not too late to get those orders in for your weekend, wherever you decide to go.

Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700-Up Standing powerchair

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The new Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700-Up Standing powerchair, is the latest, and greatest standing powerchair currently on the market. An upgrade from Sunrise’s Quickie Jive Up, the Q700 is packed full of new features both internally and externally to allow you to experience life from a different point of view.

Product Profile – TGA Vita 4, Ex Hire- £1,300*

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If you are looking for style, performance and value, you cannot look beyond our, ex-demo, TGA Vita 4. This hi-tech scooter bridges the gap between practicality and aesthetic beautifully to provide a solid, comfortable ride whilst you embrace your independence and look good doing it.

Motability Assist Launch New Breakdown App for scooter and powerchair Customers

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Motability Assist, the specialist breakdown service, which ensures customers on the Motability scheme who have broken down when out and about get home safely and securely, have released a new mobile app to help both customers and Motability Assist themselves get the best possible results.

Rollator popularity increases

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At the beginning of the Summer we, after many months of research, started providing rollators for our customers. Since we started doing rollators, we have seen their demand grow at a rapid rate. It is often a popular alternative to mobility products such as wheelchairs as it allows the user that level of independence which can only come from walking on your own two feet.

Top tips for traveling on a plane in a wheelchair

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Summer has been well and truly here in the UK for some time, with us enjoying some of the hottest weather in some years, however it is still the prime time to take your summer holiday. This has not always been easy for those who are disabled and especially for those who need to take a wheelchair or powerchair away with them.

Wheelfreedom to close early Saturday 7th July

Thu Jul 05 2018
Due to the heroics of the England football team, Wheelfreedom are closing early to allow our staff and fans to enjoy the game. Because of this our phones will be off from 2:30 and any collections/ drop offs will need to be made to our premises by 2pm.

Staff Training - 27th June

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On Wednesday 27th June we will be closing early for a staff training event. This will not affect next day delivery at all as we will be closing at 16:30, one hour after the next day cut off. We will be open as usual on Thursday 28th June.

New Revo 2.0 - What It's All About

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Pride Mobility already manufacture one of the most comprehensive ranges of mobility scooters around, and that range has just grown further with the addition of the Revo 2.0. This new arrival fills a gap in their range, being a creative hybrid between the performance and comfort of medium sized scooters and the transportability of small “car boot” scooters”.