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Wheelfreedom & Sunrise Medical partner up for Naidex

Wed Mar 20 2019
As Sunrise Medical’s Powered Wheelchair Dealer of the Year 2018, we have been invited to partner them on their biggest and best stand yet for this years Naidex exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC.

Product Profile: TGA Whill Model C Powerchair

Wed Mar 13 2019
One of the most unique powerchairs to grace the powerchair market, TGA’s WHILL model C powerchair challenges the very perception of what a powerchair can and should be. Its innovative, artistic design takes a step away from the traditional powerchair ‘look’. This ultra-lightweight powerchair offers a new take on wheelchair aesthetic while still providing the fundamentals needed to provide its user with comfort and freedom

Repeat benefits assessments for pensioners to be scrapped

Wed Mar 06 2019
Repeat assessments for disabled pensioners have been deemed “unnecessary” by Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary, this will mean that in the coming months upwards of 200,000 people will no longer be required to go back for regular checks to ensure they still qualify for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Product Profile: Pride Raptor

Fri Mar 01 2019
We don’t often do three wheeled scooters here at Wheelfreedom, but we have added the Pride Raptor mobility scooter to our ranks recently. With four wheeled scooters being the primary go to in the mobility industry, a three wheeled scooter can offer something different in terms of agility and manoeuvrability.

Product Profile: TGA Vita E

Wed Feb 20 2019
TGA’s new Vita E is the newest addition to their mobility range. TGA’s Vita series are known for their striking, modern aesthetic and this trend continues with their most recent entry. The Vita style tiller has become infamous with this range and turns heads wherever it goes. But it is not just the aesthetic which makes this mobility scooter stand out.

Disability-Themed Emojis Created

Wed Feb 06 2019
A total of 230 new emojis are set to feature in the sixth major update to the official emoji list. These include a range of new accessibility themed emojis, which have been praised by disabled rights campaigners who have considered disability and disabled people to be greatly underrepresented. Hopefully this will see a rise in accessibility representation across many forms of social media. So, what is available and when will you be able to use them?

New Pride Mobility Scooters Available at Wheelfreedom

Wed Jan 23 2019
Pride mobility, one of the leading manufacturers for powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters, have just released a new set of upgrades on former favourites in their mobility scooter range. We recently announced that we were now supplying the Pride Quantum Q6 Edge 3, an upgrade on the Q6 Edge 2 powerchair, and the upgrades just keep coming in, across the last few months Pride have released the Colt Deluxe 2.0, the Apex Finesse Sport & Colt Pursuit ES13. But what is different about these models and is it worth replacing your existing one for the fresh new upgrade?

Powered wheelchair controls

Wed Jan 16 2019
With different conditions affecting people differently, many types of controls have been made to allow people to control their powered wheelchairs through a variety of motions. The most common way to control a powered wheelchair would be through a joystick control on the end of one of the armrests, moving the powerchair forward, backwards and turning left & right, however this isn’t always suitable. So, what are the alternatives?

Product Profile: Pride Quantum Q6 Edge 3

Wed Jan 09 2019
As the culmination of 8 years’ worth of improvement and innovation upon the already popular Quantum Edge series, the Quantum Q6 Edge 3 already came with some big expectations, expectations it well and truly lives up to. Building on the high selling Q6 Edge 2, Quantum have improved all the major features which helped make this series of powerchairs one of the best on the market.

2019: What To Look Forward To

Fri Jan 04 2019
2019 has now dawned upon us, bright and cold, and with it comes the usual New Year’s resolutions and guilt over Christmas indulgence. We’re looking forward to an exciting year at Wheelfreedom, and in this article round up some of the things to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

Early closure for Christmas party

Wed Dec 19 2018
On Wednesday 19th December Wheelfreedom are closing early for our Christmas party meaning the office will be closing at 16:30. So please ensure any calls or emails get to us prior to closing, if they are urgent. We will be open as normal from Thursday 20th.

Air Travel for Disabled Passengers set to be improved

Wed Dec 12 2018
No one likes having to wait at the airport, the queue for the bag check, passport control, delayed flights, all of these can cause stress and anxiety, but these problems are often ten times worse for passengers who suffer from a disability. It was back in April when there were serious talks about how the travel industry could potentially improve air travel for disabled passengers. Including less damage/ loss to mobility products, shorter waiting times and easier transitions from arrival at the airport through to departure. And it now appears that things are well and truly moving in the right direction.

Xmas opening times 2018

Wed Dec 05 2018
It’s cold outside, Jingle Bells is playing in most shops and Walkers have released brussel sprout flavoured crisps, and that can only mean one thing, the festive season has begun. So now is the time to plan for hiring a wheelchair or mobility product to ensure your loved ones get to spend the most wonderful time of the year with you, in comfort. Here at Wheelfreedom, we will be providing manual wheelchairs across mainland Britain and powered products to London and the South East of England throughout the run up to Christmas.

Product Profile: Cabin Car Mk 2

Wed Nov 28 2018
With the cold weather being well and truly here and the days getting darker, there has never been a better time to profile the Cabin Car Mk 2. This unique mobility scooter is like no other on the market, offering complete cover from the elements as well as features which mimic a car more than a classic scooter including an in-built heater for the cold winter days and a fan for those summer afternoons.

St Andrews Day 2018

Wed Nov 21 2018
On Friday 30th November, it is St Andrew’s Day. Due to this we would like to advise our Scottish customers, and those traveling to Scotland, to take into consideration that there will be no deliveries or collections on this day within Scotland.

Choosing a Pavement scooter

Wed Nov 14 2018
A pavement scooter is the perfect middle ground when it comes to mobility products. Many people choosing a scooter will look at the range, suspension, price, warranty and safety features before making their decision and pavement scooters provide the ideal combination of all of these. These scooters are ideal for travelling around the local area due to their size and speed but can also be taken out on day trips as they will have superior range over smaller scooters.

Looking After Your Mobility Scooter During the Winter Months

Wed Nov 07 2018
Christmas sandwiches are appearing in supermarkets, it’s getting darker earlier and, most noticeably, it is starting to get colder. This can only mean one thing. As Game of Thrones tells us regularly, winter is coming. With the cold and the wet becoming more prominent in your day to day routine, it is important to ensure that your mobility scooter is working at its absolute best. Here we have some tips on how to keep your scooter working at its finest throughout the most wonderful time of the year.

Accessibility Guide App Launched

Wed Oct 31 2018
Access Able is a new app released this week with the aim to ‘take the chance out of going out.’ This innovative new guidance app allows its users to see how accessible public places are as well as assisting in planning the best and most accessible routes to these destinations.

Pride Colt Plus Returns

Thu Oct 25 2018
Pride Mobility have re-released the Colt Plus mobility scooter due to strong demand for a reliable and comfortable medium-sized scooter for pavement use.

Government Errors to Lead to Backdated Benefits.

Wed Oct 17 2018
It was recently revealed that The Department for Work and Pensions is having to pay back over £1.5bn in overdue sickness benefits after underpaying those who moved onto the Employment and Support Allowance scheme.

Product Profile: Quantum Kozmo

Fri Oct 12 2018
We attended Quantum's exclusive product launch in late September, and got an early look at the new Kozmo powered wheelchair. This interesting little powered wheelchair is a little different from anything else on the market, so we've chosen to profile it this week.

Product Profile: TGA Supersport, Ex-Hire £1,200*

Wed Oct 03 2018
One of the most unique mobility scooters on the market, the Supersport series has been a staple for TGA Mobility for over 25 years now. Here at Wheelfreedom we are selling an ex-hire model at a hugely discounted price.

“Life-Changing” New Travel App Previewed

Fri Sep 28 2018
A new app described by disabled comedian Tanyalee Davis as “life-changing” has been previewed, allowing instantaneous support at the click of a button for disabled rail users. Developed by Transreport, Passenger Assist is currently being trialled by four rail operators, and is expected to launch nationwide in Autumn next year.

Free Q-Series Lift & Tilt Upgrade at Get Going Live!

Wed Sep 19 2018
Wheelfreedom are attending the Get Going Live! event at the QEF Mobility Services centre in Carshalton on 5th October, allowing you the chance to try out the new Quickie Q-series powerchairs. Alongside Sunrise Medical, we have an exclusive offer for attendees at the event, who can claim a free upgrade to powered Lift & Tilt (worth up to £1,750) on any Q500 or Q700 wheelchair purchased following the event.