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Active User Manual Wheelchairs

Active user wheelchairs are designed to be an extension of your body. Ideal for those with good upper body strength and trunk stability, they are self-propelled by pushing the rear wheels along, sometimes assisted with power add-ons. As such, they are generally much lighter than standard manual wheelchairs, and set up to allow to an energy efficient drive so you can go further and faster. For more information on them, please see our guide to Choosing An Active User Wheelchair.

We provide a complete active user wheelchair service within London and the South East of England, from initial consultation through to supply and back-up service during the lifetime of your wheelchair. Our specialists can carry out a demonstration at your address, assessing your needs, and recommending a suitable product and seating set-up to match your medical and lifestyle requirements, which we can then supply for you. We offer all our active user wheelchairs and add-ons for purchase - as they are bespoke built to each person, unfortunately we are not able to offer them for hire.

Our Wheelchairs

We supply a select range of active user wheelchairs from the leading manufacturers including Quickie, Küschall and Ki Mobility to suit a variety of requirements. With both folding and rigid models with a diverse array of features, we can ensure there is always a wheelchair that will be a perfect fit for your active lifestyle.

This includes basic affordable models with high levels of post-supply adjustability, such as the Quickie Life F and Life R. These are ideal for those that are new to self-propelling and still discovering their best set-up for seating and propelling.

For more experienced users, we offer more advanced and lighter models, from mid-range wheelchairs right up to top of the range chairs such as the welded aircraft-grade aluminium Quickie Helium Pro, ultra-light Ki Mobility Rogue and carbon-fibre Krypton R.

Power add-ons are increasingly popular for those looking to occasionally take the strain off propelling, as are handbike attachments that allow your chair to be taken off-road. We can supply add-ons including the Quickie Attitude handbike, and the renowned Alber range such as E-Motion and Twion power wheels, plus the new Alber Smoov One.

We also specialise in paediatric wheelchairs, whether for teenagers or younger children getting their first experience of self-propelling. Our models include highly adjustable ones like the Youngster 3Zippie Simba and Little Wave Clik, which have adjustable seats that can grow with your child, as well as the teenage Rogue XP.

If you require specialist seating solutions, we are able to assist with this, whether your need is for clinical pressure relieving cushions such as the Sunrise Medical JAY range and Invacare Matrx range, or posture-supporting yet lightweight backrests like the J3 Freestyle Carbon. We source backrests and cushions from a wide range of manufacturers, ensuring that the best seating system is supplied to match your needs.

We work closely with the manufacturers we have chosen to partner with, and are able to offer custom-build solutions for those that need a request a little out of the ordinary, whether that simply be a style package in your favourite colours, or something more complex such as a bespoke seating arrangement or one-arm drive.


We offer free in-home assessments for all of our active user wheelchairs and power add-ons, and one of our fully trained and experienced product specialists will visit you to demonstrate a selection of products, as well as taking time to assess your environment and needs. Home assessments offer a level of certainty above simply seeing a wheelchair in a shop, as you can be sure the wheelchair is appropriate for your home and local environment.

For those with particularly complex pressure care and postural requirements, we can arrange for one of our partnered Occupational Therapists to attend your consultation, ensuring that the appropriate level of comfort, support and pressure relief is provided. Please note that there is a charge for this service - more information can be found on our OT Assessment Service page.

Our Service

As well as the above, we offer:

  • Free delivery, set-up and adjustments. One of our experienced product specialists will deliver your new wheelchair fully set-up and ready to use, and spend time with you as you try it out. As an extension of your body, it is vital your wheelchair is set up perfectly for you, so they will be able to carry out any fine-tuning that you find you need. It is quite common that after a few weeks or months of getting your new wheelchair that you need some more tweaks made to it - we will carry these out for you free of charge.
  • Our own qualified technicians. Our large team of industry-trained technicians carry out all our servicing, maintenance and repairs at your address - or at our fully-equipped London service centre if you prefer. We don't believe in passing after-sales care onto a third party.
  • Insurance and extended warranties. We partner with Fish Insurance to offer affordable and comprehensive insurance policies, to give you peace of mind. These allow you to cover your wheelchair against theft, damage and third-party liability, as well as optional puncture care.