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New R-Net LCD Controller Available

Thu Apr 21 2016
The next generation of R-Net joystick modules has been launched, with the new CJSM2 featuring a large, high-resolution LCD screen. Including advanced features such as a built-in light sensor, paddle switches, as well as enhanced programming and customisation options, it is now available as a Built 4 Me upgrade on Sunrise Medical powerchairs.

Easter Deliveries And Opening Hours

Thu Mar 17 2016
We are closed over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, meaning that Thursday 24th March is our last day for deliveries. Orders for delivery on the 24th will need to be placed by 3.30pm on Wednesday 23rd.

The all-terrain Four X: now available

Fri Feb 19 2016
We are now able to offer the Finnish-made Chasswheel range of all-terrain powerchairs, which have been taken under Invacare`s brand in the UK. This eye-catching range of off-road powerchairs feature a host of options, and a choice of any colour you like - so you don`t have to go for pink!

New Pronto Air

Tue Feb 09 2016
Invacare have recently launched their new Pronto Air - an addition to their range of indoor powerchairs. However, they are quick to claim that the Pronto Air is "not a wheelchair; it`s a new Personal Transporter" - and we look into this new product, and just what it offers.

Office Closing Early - 3rd February

Wed Feb 03 2016
The office is closing early at 5pm on Wednesday 3rd February 2016, due to a staff training event. Please ensure that all orders for next-day delivery are placed prior to 3.30pm to ensure we can dispatch them for delivery on the 4th.

Salsa M2 Mini - Narrowest MWD Powerchair

Tue Jan 12 2016
Released just a couple of months ago, and already gaining plenty of interest, Sunrise Medical’s new Salsa M2 Mini is the narrowest performance powerchair on the market. With an ultra-narrow chassis width of just 52 cm, it excels at manoeuvring around constricted spaces.

Quantum iLevel – Because A Lot Of Life Happens At Eye Level

Thu Dec 17 2015
Quantum’s new iLevel seat raiser is unique in allowing you to drive at walking pace while fully elevated. Available now on their flagship Q6 Edge 2.0, iLevel offers a whole host of benefits, not least of which is enhancing social situations, by putting you at eye level.

Christmas Opening Hours and Deliveries

Tue Dec 01 2015
With the busy festive period fast approaching, now is the ideal time to make arrangements to hire a wheelchair if you have a disabled relative visiting, or wish to get out and join in the Christmas celebrations yourself. It will therefore be a relief to know that Wheelfreedom are delivering wheelchairs nationwide in the run-up to Christmas.

Sterling S-Series Profiled

Thu Nov 26 2015
Sunrise Medical`s new S-Series scooters have proven a hit of late, and we take this chance to profile the range. These new scooters have refreshed Sunrise`s set of Sterling mobility scooters, which had started to look somewhat dated. The new S400, S425 and S700 however, are amongst the best scooters on the market, blending the best from new technologies and Sterling`s 30 years of experience.

New Quickie Jive M Hybrid

Tue Nov 10 2015
Following quickly on from the success of the Jive Up, Sunrise Medical have announced another variant in their flagship Jive range. While the Jive M Hybrid may initially seem a confusing concept, it in fact makes perfect sense: you get the powerful outdoor performance of the Jive M with the more affordable (yet still highly configurable) Salsa seating system.

Stand Out With The Jive Up

Fri Oct 30 2015
We are proud to be amongst the first to offer Sunrise Medical`s new Quickie Jive Up. Building on the success of the market leading Jive M powerchair, it includes a stand function, giving a wide range of health, social and practical benefits.

Pavement/Boot Scooter Crossovers Explained

Fri Oct 16 2015
Most scooter manufacturers offer a pavement sized scooter that can be taken dismantled in the same way as a boot scooter. Designed to offer enhanced comfort and a longer range than smaller boot scooters, they are nonetheless intended to remain transportable in a car and easier to store. Here we explain the products available, and consider the uses of these scooters.

Sunrise Medical Acquire Handicare Powerchairs

Fri Sep 25 2015
Market-leading wheelchair manufacturer Sunrise Medical have announced the acquisition of Handicare`s mobility business. Handicare are a Dutch-based disability equipment manufacturer, and Sunrise Medical will be taking on their range of powered and manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

New Apex Finesse

Wed Aug 26 2015
The long-awaited Apex Finesse has finally debuted – this addition to Pride’s prestigious Apex range is the first pavement scooter to come with full suspension, offering levels of comfort only usually found on road scooters.

Which Wheelchair Is Best For Your Child?

Fri Aug 14 2015
With quite a few wheelchairs available to hire for your child, we`ve provided this handy summary to help you work out which is best suited.

Storm4 X-plore Powers In

Tue Aug 04 2015
If you are looking for a product that truly puts the "power" in powerchair, look no further than the Storm4 X-plore. A newly-released update to Invacare’s trusted Storm4 range, it offers unrivalled performance outdoors, and Invacare’s full range of high-end configurable Modulite seating.

Closing Early - 7th July

Mon Jul 06 2015
We are closing early at 5pm on Tuesday 7th July for a staff training event. If you are collecting or returning a wheelchair from our depot, please ensure that you arrive prior to this time.

Tilt in Space Wheelchair Delivery Update

Fri Jul 03 2015
Due to the size and weight of the boxes, our couriers are currently unable to deliver our Tilt in Space wheelchairs, meaning that unfortunately we are unable to offer a nationwide next-day delivery service for these. However, we are still able to deliver these within London and the South East of England with our technicians.

Wheelchair Services In The News

Fri Jun 05 2015
NHS Wheelchair Services have been in the news of late, with claims from wheelchair users that reforms to the service are taking too long. The NHS launched the NHS Wheelchair Services Improvement Programme last year, accepting that the level of service was not high enough. Two summits have been held, and working groups established to achieve this aim; however campaigners have argued that changes are not happening fast enough.

Modulite Seating Now Available On Invacare Pronto M41

Fri May 15 2015
Invacare`s Pronto powerchair has long been popular as an affordable indoor powerchair from a leading manufacturer. However, until now it has always only been available with basic seating systems, unsuitable for those with more complex needs.

Quickie Salsa M2 Upgrade

Thu Apr 16 2015
Sunrise Medical has announced an upgrade to their popular new Salsa M2 powerchair, with the introduction of faster 8 mph motors and higher capacity 70 amp batteries.

Which scooter or powerchair for public transport?

Tue Mar 31 2015
We often get asked by people hiring mobility equipment on a short-term basis which scooter or powered wheelchair they can take on public transport. We`ve therefore put together this guide to give people an introduction to suitable products.

Easter Opening Hours and Deliveries

Mon Mar 23 2015
Easter is now nearly upon us, meaning this is the time to arrange your wheelchair hire should you require one for your holidays. Wheelfreedom will be delivering wheelchairs and mobility scooters in the run-up to Easter, so that you are able to source the appropriate equipment for your mobility needs.

Indoor Powerchairs

Fri Mar 06 2015
While all powered wheelchairs are capable of being used indoors, there are some that are specialised for inside use only, with compact design and manoeuvrability to negotiate tight spaces such as corridors and doors.