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Trial A Sunrise Medical Jive Powerchair

Fri Oct 11 2013
The Jive is a modern and advanced powerchair from Sunrise Medical. Sitting at the top of our range, it gives outstanding off-road performance when used outdoors, far beyond the pavement use that most other wheelchairs are limited to. However, it is also a big investment for anyone looking to acquire one long-term, which is why we uniquely offer the chance to try one out first, to see the difference it can make to your daily life.

TGA Minimo Scooter Launched

Fri Oct 04 2013
The Minimo is a new transportable scooter made by market leading manufacturer TGA Mobility. Not just a new product, the Minimo is also a new concept – a fully foldable scooter. As one would expect from its name, the Minimo is small. This makes it ideal for transport between locations, and great for storage.

Featured Product: Wheelchair Powerpack

Fri Sep 27 2013
Our wheelchair powerpack is a nifty addition to a manual wheelchair for those who may struggle to push a wheelchair around. Easy to fit to a wheelchair, it does the hard work for you, and is more than capable of managing general daily use.

Off-roading With The Supersport

Sat Sep 21 2013
The Supersport is an iconic scooter that we have recently added to the fleet of products that we are able to offer. Known for its motorbike-inspired appearance, the Supersport is a true off-road scooter and offers more than just good looks.

New Range Of Pavement Scooters Added

Fri Sep 13 2013
In response to customer demand, we`ve recently added a range of pavement scooters to our stable of products. These fill a niche for those after a mobility scooter to use on the pavement who don`t need their scooter to be transportable. This allows pavement scooters to be sturdier, and to offer some advanced features not found on smaller scooters.

Pride Fusion Rolls In

Fri Sep 06 2013
This week we`ve added the Pride Fusion to the growing number of powerchairs that we`re able to offer for hire and purchase. Made by global mobility specialists Pride, the Fusion crams an incredible number of advanced features into a compact frame, and amazingly manages to remain affordable too.

The Breeze - Bigger Truly Is Better

Fri Aug 30 2013
When it comes to mobility scooters, the TGA Breeze 4S is truly the top of the range. Suited to those that have no intention of compromising on quality, it is one of our most popular scooters for those hiring on a long-term basis.

Featured Product: Pride Sparky Powerchair

Fri Aug 23 2013
Just like shoes and school uniforms, children can quickly outgrow a wheelchair. It’s therefore vital when looking to get a paediatric wheelchair for the long-term to ensure that it is capable of growing alongside your child. The Pride Sparky is from a new generation of wheelchairs that accommodates this, and comes with fully adjustable seating arrangements.

Crutch Holders Now Available

Fri Aug 16 2013
In response to recent feedback from customers, we`ve now made crutch holders available for hire. These come attached to the frame of a wheelchair, and allow the user to conveniently carry around their crutches with them hands-free.

TGA Eclipse The Competition

Fri Aug 09 2013
The TGA Eclipse is a premium mobility scooter that we are able to supply on long-term hire and for sale. Offering more than one would expect in a traditional small scooter, it is proving popular with customers seeking a reliable boot scooter from a leading brand.

High Court Dismisses Challenge To Housing Benefit Changes

Fri Aug 02 2013
As a follow-up to our previous article on changes to housing benefits, we can bring an update on the implementation of housing benefit reforms.

Pride Jazzy Select 6 Lifts Off!

Fri Jul 26 2013
Due to recent demand and the immense popularity of the product, we are now making the Jazzy Select 6 powerchair available for short-term hire. We already offered this stylish wheelchair for both long-term hire and purchase, but its unique offerings mean that we have had significant interest from those looking to hire it on a short-term basis.

Hire Now To Enjoy The Sun!

Fri Jul 19 2013
With the sun shining down on much of the country, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. We’ve seen a surge in demand for wheelchairs and mobility scooters in the last week, as people with limited mobility look to join in the fun.

Introducing The Roma Reno

Fri Jul 12 2013
The Roma Reno is yet another newcomer to our stable of products, having been released just earlier this year. Already proving a hit with customers, it has quickly become one of our most popular powered wheelchairs.

15 months Insurance for the price of 12!

Thu Jul 04 2013
For those looking to buy a new powered wheelchair or mobility scooter from us, we can now offer 15 months insurance for the price of 12. This cover is provided by mobility equipment insurance specialists Premier Care and covers a wide range of factors.

Stylish and Comfortable: Introducing the Vita Midi

Fri Jun 28 2013
One of the newer members of our ever-expanding range of products is TGA Mobility’s Vita Midi scooter. As the name suggests, this is a mid-sized version of the popular Vita model, and it is proving a hit with customers.

New Consultation on PIP Introduction

Fri Jun 21 2013
The Department of Work and Pensions has announced that it will hold a further consultation on the mobility part of the Personal Independence Payment. The PIP is being rolled out to replace the Disability Living Allowance, and is available for those with long-term illnesses or a disability.

Sunrise Medical Hula Now Available!

Fri Jun 14 2013
We are delighted to be able to offer the new to market Sunrise Medical Hula Powerchair. Released just a few weeks ago, our partnership with Sunrise Medical means that Wheelfreedom are one of the first suppliers of this advanced and impressive wheelchair.

Specialist Consultations Now Available

Wed Jun 05 2013
If you`re looking to hire or buy a mobility scooter or powerchair, you want to know you`re getting the right piece of equipment. With a vast range of mobility equipment available these days, it can be a challenge working out which would be suitable for your needs. We are therefore now offering the chance to visit our site to have a demonstration of our products, as well as the opportunity to try them out.

What can a Mobility Scooter do for you?

Fri May 31 2013
Mobility scooters are becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK, with over 300,000 (and rising) thought to currently be in use. If you`re wondering what all the fuss is about, read on to find out why so many people are buying or hiring mobility scooters.

Wheelfreedom Wheelchair Makes A Difference In Uganda

Fri May 24 2013
Wheelfreedom have donated a wheelchair to Fred Batale, a librarian for charity 32° East. Fred has been disabled since contracting polio at a young age and had not been able to obtain a wheelchair previously. 32° East, the Ugandan Arts Trust are a small charity based in Kampala that supports the local arts community with the information, resources and exposure it needs to raise the profile of Ugandan art.

Holiday Hire

Fri May 17 2013
While the sun may currently be doing its best to hide from view (outside our office, at least), thankfully it’s not long until summer here in the UK. For those taking an elderly relative, disabled person, or someone with a mobility-affecting injury on holiday with them, it could mean it’s time to start thinking about hiring a wheelchair for your travels.

Website Revamp Coming Soon!

Fri May 10 2013
Wheelfreedom has been hiring out wheelchairs across the UK for a number of years now, and have always had a website to help inform our customer of our services. In the next couple of weeks, our site is going to be updated with a stylish new appearance conjured up by web design gurus 64 Digital.

Featured Product: Knee Scooter

Wed May 01 2013
While it may resemble a kid’s tricycle, the Knee Scooter actually plays a vital role in injury rehabilitation. Much like our Leg Trolley, it is designed to aid in recovery from foot or ankle injuries, and is used by placing your knee and upper shin on the cushioned “seat” and walking along normally with it.