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Introducing the new Benoit Systemes Light Drive power add-on for wheelchairs

Tue Oct 18 2022
We are extremely pleased to announce our latest product launch- Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 power add-on for wheelchairs. This power add-on is a unique and practical mobility solution for those who wish to go further and faster, tackling almost every terrain possible.

Wheelfreedom partner with leading children's charity - Tree of Hope

Tue Sep 27 2022
Wheelfreedom are pleased to announce a new partnership with the leading children’s crowdfunding charity, Tree of Hope. This new partnership provides a solution for those who may need extra financial and emotional support when sourcing medical treatment and equipment for children.

ONLINE EVENT - How technology is shaping the experience of wheelchair users

Wed Aug 24 2022
Wheelfreedom are inviting Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Case Managers to the latest online event that discusses how technology is shaping the experience of wheelchair users. Join Jordan Davies who will speak about how a chair 'is not just a chair'.

Wheelfreedom Launches New Chessington Furniture Suite

Thu Aug 04 2022
At Wheelfreedom, we have now launched the new Chessington Furniture suite which is a new feature point in our Surrey Mobility Showroom. A contemporary modern twist on mobility furniture. Take a look!

Prevention of Pressure Sores and Specialist Seating Solutions

Tue Jul 19 2022
Discover the latest innovations in Wheeled Mobility and Seating as this article explores pressure injuries, preventative measures and specialist seating solutions.

Which? advises BHTA approved suppliers for mobility equipment

Wed Jun 08 2022
Which? have recently produced a range of guides for those searching for mobility equipment, advising consumers to purchase from BHTA approved suppliers such as Wheelfreedom

Guide to Travelling Abroad with a Disability

Thu May 26 2022
Read our latest guide to support those travelling abroad with a disability. Have peace of mind knowing you can travel with ease, whether it is by aeroplane or other means of transportation.

How does Parkinson's Disease affect Mobility?

Thu May 12 2022
Parkinson's Disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects a person's mobility. Read more to find out how Parkinson's can affect mobility and what support and mobility products are available.

Magic 360: The All-Terrain Powerchair

Tue Apr 26 2022
With much anticipation, the Magic 360 has now been launched in the UK. We are proud to be one of the main suppliers of this innovative piece of technology that will benefit many powerchair users.

Innovations in Wheelchair Vibration Dampening

Fri Apr 15 2022
Jordan Davies (BSc, IPEM), Rehabilitation Engineer at Wheelfreedom, discusses the latest innovations in Wheeled Mobility and Seating.

An Online Guide to Paediatric Mobility Equipment for Children

Mon Mar 28 2022
Read our online guide to paediatric mobility equipment for children. Discover an array of mobility solutions and the most popular products on the market.

International Women's Day 2022 - Jordan's Story

Tue Mar 08 2022
In celebration of International Women's Day 2022, we want to share the success of our Product Specialist, Jordan, at Wheelfreedom. Read about her experience as a female engineer and her success working in mobility.

Powerchair and Mobility Scooter Assessments

Mon Feb 28 2022
We are pleased to offer assessments on all our powerchairs, mobility scooters and prescriptive products. Find out more about these assessments and what they include.

The award winning powerchair for young children – Permobil’s Explorer Mini

Mon Feb 14 2022
Find out more about the popular and award winning Permobil Explorer Mini, designed for children as young as twelve months. Help your child become more independent with this paediatric powerchair.

Scoozy - The Alternative Mobility Scooter

Mon Jan 31 2022
The NEW Scoozy Mobility Scooter that everyone is talking about, is now available at our Showroom! Find out what makes this product so unique.

Managing mobility issues in the elderly

Thu Jan 13 2022
Find out how elderly people can manage mobility issues and avoid slips, trips and falls through the use of mobility aids.

Where can I get a wheelchair? Wheelchairs through the NHS or hiring and buying privately

Wed Dec 22 2021
A guide to help you, or your loved ones find a trusted wheelchair service that suits your individual needs. Find a wheelchair to hire from the NHS or privately.

Why choose a made-to-measure rise and recliner?

Fri Dec 10 2021
Rise and recliners provide comfort, support and can help maintain your mobility and independence. You can choose between standard and made-to-measure rise and recliners. Here we outline why a made-to-measure rise and recliner is the best choice to make.

Wheelfreedom's Christmas opening hours 2021

Thu Nov 18 2021
Here you can find Wheelfreedom's opening hours over the Christmas holidays and find out important delivery information.

Wheelchair accessible places to visit in Surrey

Thu Oct 28 2021
Take a look at wheelchair friendly and accessible places to visit in Surrey. There are many sites and attractions in the local area for those who are disabled or with reduced mobility.

A guide to hospital profiling beds for your home

Mon Oct 11 2021
If you’re considering getting a profiling bed, but want to find out more to make sure it’s the right choice for you, be sure to read on to get the information you need.

What are the best off-road mobility aids?

Fri Oct 01 2021
Off-road mobility aids have the specialist features that ensure a smooth and safe trip over tough terrain. In this guide, we outline the key features to look for when choosing an off-road mobility scooter, powerchair, rollator or powered handbike.

Can dementia affect mobility?

Tue Aug 31 2021
Dementia can impact a person's mobility. Read more to find out how dementia can affect mobility and what support is available.

What wheelchairs are used in the Paralympics?

Mon Aug 16 2021
Each wheelchair sport uses a unique chair with a specific set of features. Keep reading to learn what some of those sports wheelchairs look like, ready for the Paralympics opening ceremony next week.
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