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Why choose a made-to-measure rise and recliner?

Fri Dec 10 2021
Rise and recliners provide comfort, support and can help maintain your mobility and independence. You can choose between standard and made-to-measure rise and recliners. Here we outline why a made-to-measure rise and recliner is the best choice to make.

Wheelfreedom's Christmas opening hours 2021

Thu Nov 18 2021
Here you can find Wheelfreedom's opening hours over the Christmas holidays and find out important delivery information.

Wheelchair accessible places to visit in Surrey

Thu Oct 28 2021
Take a look at wheelchair friendly and accessible places to visit in Surrey. There are many sites and attractions in the local area for those who are disabled or with reduced mobility.

A guide to hospital profiling beds for your home

Mon Oct 11 2021
If you’re considering getting a profiling bed, but want to find out more to make sure it’s the right choice for you, be sure to read on to get the information you need.

What are the best off-road mobility aids?

Fri Oct 01 2021
Off-road mobility aids have the specialist features that ensure a smooth and safe trip over tough terrain. In this guide, we outline the key features to look for when choosing an off-road mobility scooter, powerchair, rollator or powered handbike.

Can dementia affect mobility?

Tue Aug 31 2021
Dementia can impact a person's mobility. Read more to find out how dementia can affect mobility and what support is available.

What wheelchairs are used in the Paralympics?

Mon Aug 16 2021
Each wheelchair sport uses a unique chair with a specific set of features. Keep reading to learn what some of those sports wheelchairs look like, ready for the Paralympics opening ceremony next week.

The complete guide to rules for using mobility scooters

Tue Aug 03 2021
This comprehensive guide on innovative mobility solutions offers a complete list of critical rules for using mobility scooters if you are looking to invest in one for yourself or a loved one.

How to Choose the Right Rollator

Wed Jul 21 2021
There’s a lot of options out there when it comes to rollators, each designed to meet different needs. This post is here to help guide you through the many options available.

What is the best wheelchair or scooter to take on holiday?

Thu Jun 17 2021
Whether you’re heading abroad or have opted for a staycation, here's a handy guide to help you choose the best wheelchair or scooter to take on holiday.

Choosing a wheelchair for the elderly

Fri Jun 04 2021
Acknowledging and accepting you need a wheelchair can be incredibly tough. Reaching that time in your life can bring so many questions and worries. So, when you’re faced with the task of having to actually choose a wheelchair, the decision can be daunting. To help, we’ve outlined the key points to consider to make sure the model you pick fits you and your lifestyle.

How to choose the right manual wheelchair for you

Mon May 17 2021
Wheelchairs aren’t one size fits all. Here are the questions to ask and answers you need when choosing the right manual wheelchair.

Top tips for travelling on public transport with a wheelchair

Thu May 06 2021
Key tips, information and advice that’s useful to know if you’re travelling on public transport with a wheelchair.

Quickie Nitrum and Empulse F55 Launching

Tue Jan 05 2021
We are excited to be launching the new Quickie Nitrum active wheelchair and Empulse F55 handbike, both of which we will be offering from January 2021 onwards.

Christmas Service 2020

Mon Dec 21 2020
It's a strange Christmas this year, but Wheelfreedom remain open as an essential service to help you with your mobility needs. Our delivery service and opening hours will be affected by the Christmas holidays.

New Clematis Pro Tilt in Space Wheelchair

Thu Nov 05 2020
Invacare have released their new Clematis Pro this month, replacing the old Rea Clematis as their entry-level tilt in space wheelchair.

Kuschall Launch New KSL

Thu Oct 29 2020
Kuschall have completed their modern 2.0 range with the addition of the Kuschall Super Light. A fully welded chair, this is the lightest model in the Kuschall family, weighing just 4.3 kg.

New 17.8 kg mLite Folding Scooter

Thu Oct 22 2020
We are proud to be the first to launch Motion Healthcare's stunning new mLite scooter, which weighs a mere 17.8 kg - the lightest folding scooter on the market.

Motability Scheme Re-Opens Today

Mon Jun 15 2020
The Motability scheme has re-opened today to new applicants wanting to lease a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter. Having been closed for the last few months, this comes as a welcome relief for those looking to join the scheme.

Motability Scheme Update

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Unfortunately the Motability scheme currently remains closed to new applications due to the Coronavirus lockdown. However, aspects of the scheme are beginning to restart, and we are hoping to be able to resume a fully Motability service, including your choice of new powered wheelchair or mobility scooter, in the next few weeks.

Things To Look Forward To

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While the current coronavirus situation has obviously delayed product launches in our industry, there are some exciting new products on the way later on this year, which we preview in this article.

COVID-19 Update: 24th March

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Wheelfreedom continue to operate following yesterday's government announcement, as we provide an essential medical service for those in need of wheelchairs and mobility scooters to function in their daily lives. We have stringent measures in place to minimise the risk to both our customers and staff, and have further stepped these up in line with government guidelines.

COVID-19 Situation Update

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Wheelfreedom are committed to minimising the risk of COVID-19 to our customers and colleagues, and are taking all appropriate steps in line with government guidance. We appreciate that this will be a difficult time for many of our customers, and as such we continue to operate our full range of services, whether you need a wheelchair urgently for hospital discharge, a powerchair to maintain independence, or a mobility scooter to get to the shops.

Government launches "it’s everyone’s journey" campaign

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A new “it’s everyone’s journey” campaign has been launched by the government to increase awareness about making public transport more inclusive to those with disabilities. A series of posters and videos have started to appear around the place, including the one above.